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Yom Iyun - R' Chaim Kanievsky Reviews copy of Toras Aharon

February 20, 2019

To commemorate the passing (yahrtzeit) of R’ Aharon Yosef ben Mazal z”l, Mr. Aharon Laniado, father of our Rosh yeshiva, Chacham David Laniado shlita, the yeshiva held a two-day seminar, “yom iyun”, on the topic of Emuna and Bitachon, faith and trust in Hashem.
Special speakers were invited who inspired both the staff and the boys. The program began with opening remarks by Rabbi Laniado  sharing thoughts about his late father z”l and his deep Emuna in the One above. He shared stories and vignettes from his upbringing that testified to Mr. Aharon Laniado’s stalwart faith in Hashem.
The next speaker, Rabbi Gav Friedman (“Rav Gav” as he is affectionately known), in his trademark slapstick humorous fashion, offered insights and practical suggestions about attaining real emuna. The evening concluded with a powerful video presentation by the renowned Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi, entitled “The Purpose of Life”, which had a deep impact on the boys. In between speakers and before the video, the boys enjoyed some fine ekel and a tasty meal.The following day, yeshiva hosted Rabbi Moshe Ginian, Rosh Yeshiva of Ahavat Chaim, who kept the boys spellbound with his inspirational words and insights. A follow-up  "question and answer session", offered the students the opportunity to seek a deeper understanding of the concepts being discussed. After lunch and the regular afternoon break, we were honored to hear some final thoughts by Rabbi Baron, Rosh Yeshiva of Imrei Binah, who has graced us with his passionate sermons many times in the past.

The finale of the Yom Iyun  was when the staff and student body  presented Rabbi Laniado with the first copy of a new Sefer, a compilation of Divrei Torah that was written by the boys themselves, about the halachot of writing a Sefer Torah. Originally, they had planned to print this sefer in honor of the hachnasat sefer Torah that was donated by Mr. Morris Dwek, two weeks ago. But the boys and staff unanimously decided to wait so that publishing and distributing this precious sefer would be in honor of the memory of the Rosh yeshiva’s father, Mr. Aharon Laniado z”l. It is appropriately titled "Torat Aharon" in his name.

The divrei Torah are both in English and Hebrew, and the cover contains a picture of the beautiful parochet-curtain that the yeshiva donated in honor of Mr. Dwek and his family. Printing this special edition was only possible because of the tireless efforts of our esteemed Rabbi Avraham Lowenstein, who helped each boy prepare and write their divrei Torah and took care of every detail up to its final printing. It was delivered to the yeshiva only minutes before the presentation,  but Rabbi Lowenstein himself was not able to be there at the time; he was in the hospital with his wife celebrating the birth of a new baby girl! Mazal Tov and thank you for all your efforts. May you have nachat from your new baby and from all your loving talmidim.

We were touched and honored when two boys, Jacob Ayal and Walter Cairey, presented the Sefer to Harav Chaim Kanievsky shlita. The pictures below testify to Rav Kanievsky's enjoyment as he peruses the Divrei Torah inside! .To receive a copy please email the office: