Learning at Lev


Growing in learning

Through classes and other stuff, our boys learn great.

Learning like never before

Get ready to experience learning in a way you have never before. At Yeshivat Lev Aharon, we challenge our students to think at the highest level; to engage in the texts; to debate the issues. The yeshiva offers classes in many subjects, including Gemara B’Iyun, Halacha, Philosophy, Rambam’s 13 Principle’s of Faith, and Chumash.

The average class size is seven students, allowing our students personalized attention from the rabanim.

The Bet Midrash

Our Beit Midrash is the heart of the yeshiva. You will always find classes, learning groups, and chavrutot in action throughout the day. Our library has an extensive selection of sepharim, both in Hebrew and English.

Our students spend time each day learning in pairs as they develop a personal relationship with Torah learning.


We celebrate the students accomplishments with Siyumim celebrations. A grand Siyum party caps the end of each semester

Our students and rabbi celebrate together the year of growth and learning at Lev Aharon

Mishmar & guest speakers

The yeshiva has the privilege of welcoming world renowned guest lecturers to speak at the yeshiva throughout the year. Every Thursday night the students enjoy refreshments and an interesting speech from a diverse group of speakers, including our own rebbes.

Thursday night Mishmar, with its great talks on diverse topics and great food, are a highlight of the week.