About Lev


Developing the next generation

Whether you are considering Yeshivat Lev Aharon as a prospective student or parent, or simply browsing the web, I think you’ll discover what makes Lev Aharon an amazing place to learn and grow. Lev Aharon continues its mission of developing young men into mature adults ready to integrate Torah life with the modern world.

Nestled atop the hills of Har Nof, Jerusalem, lies Yeshivat Lev Aharon, a world class Torah institution, founded by Rabbi David Laniado in 2005. The Yeshiva is a fulfillment of his dream to create a post high school program that would cater to the needs of the  Sephardic  community.Beginning with a group of 30 boys, it has flourished and now hosts more than 100 students.  While a large contingent of the boys come from New York and New Jersey, the Yeshiva also hosts students from Miami, Los Angeles and London.

Rabbi Laniado’s mission is to provide the Lev Aharon students with a home away from home. He envisioned a Yeshiva as   an epicenter of love, warmth and encouragement for the teenagers of today.  A handpicked staff of Rabbi’s are imbued with a deep commitment to offer  inspirational Torah classes as well as boundless warmth  and love.

After years spent educating American teenagers in Israel, Rabbi Laniado recognized a gaping void in the system. So many teenagers felt that they didn’t have a place in the regula rYeshivot and more and more of them began forfeiting their chance to grow in Israel by choosing to stay at home. Rabbi Laniado decided to make them an offer that they couldn’t refuse by establishing a yeshiva that would put a strong emphasis on  making the boys feel happy, loved and deeply cared for. Whe nstudents  realize that the yeshiva is there for them and  caters to all their needs, they will blossom and grow. 

Thus, Lev Aharon offer sfirst class amenities, two spacious dormitories, gourmet meals, a newgym/ fitness center and a fully equipped game room, all to assure that they boys are comfortable and feel at home. Exciting trips and outings, besides  giving the students a great time, enhance the sense of camaraderie that is so vital to the Yeshiva’s great spirit. Offering the boys fun and enjoyable outlets is conducive to their productivity and growth.

A special emphasis is placed on giving the students comprehensive Torah knowledge. Beginners are taught at their level while the more advanced boys  are offered in-depth classes in Gemara and Halacha. The yeshiva places a strong focus on teaching Hashkafa, Torah values and ideals, as well as inspirational classes on Chumash and prayer. Rabbi Laniado’s vision of infusing and empowering his boys with a deeper connection to Torah and their illustrious heritage  has shaped  the lives of hundreds of students who  have become community leaders, Torah scholars and successful businessmen  throughout the world. 


An environment of growth

The program is for students who are looking to grow, while at the same time to enjoy living in and touring Israel. The program offers thought-provoking classes and amazing trips, all in an exciting atmosphere. We offer classes in many subjects at all levels, from beginners to more advanced. We tour all parts of Israel on trips and Shabbatonim. Our Rabanim and staff, warm and down-to-Earth, provide personal attention to each student.


Learning with a personal touch

An important goal is for our students to acquire the analytical and textual skills necessary to continue their Torah learning after their time at Lev Aharon. A further goal is to help our students introspect on themselves, helping them mature and develop as healthy, well rounded Jews. We consider it a success when a student feels he has solidified his identity and is ready to return home with a firm understanding of Torah’s centrality in his life.