The Lev Experience

The year at Lev is packed with great stuff


The yeshiva goes on four multi-day trips over the year to all parts of Israel. Trips are always jam packed with amazing activities such as rappelling, mountain climbing, and water hikes. Our students get the opportunity to tour the Holy Land and experience Israeli life and culture throughout the country. From kayaking, to water hikes, to off road vehicles, our students get the full Israel experience.

Yeshiva Events

You have not truly partied until you party at YLA. We mark all Jewish Holidays and special Yeshiva events with parties, where students and Rabbis dance hand in hand. We top it off with live music, food, and Divrei Torah.

Gym & Game Room

We have a full gym and lounge. Our students get to workout which allows them a healthy outlet and to keep in shape. In the lounge, our students play pool, ping pong or just relax on the couches.


The yeshiva is a member of the AFI Football League. And the Baseball league. Our athletes  make a Kiddush Hashem for the school as they represent us on the field. A full-court basketball court is located near the yeshiva for our boys to relax and play. Athletics are a great opportunity to unwind and stay in shape.