Admitted Students

CALENDAR 2023 - 2024
Arrival Date: August 28 2023
Pesach Grand Siyum: April 1 2024
Pesach Break: April 2 2024
Summer Session Begins: May 7 2024
Grand Siyum: June 24 2024
End of Year: June 25 2024

Congratulations on your acceptance. We have attempted to include below everything you need to prepare for the upcoming year. The first steps begins with Registration.


No student is allowed on campus before registration is completed and an Admission Ticket is issued.

Preparing for the Year

Be sure to read the STUDENT GUIDE. Contains important information on preparing for the year.

Yeshiva Policies

Be sure you understand the Yeshiva's policies.

Order Linens & More

To avoid having to pack heavy bedding, we recommend Blanket Express for all your dorm needs. Direct delivery to the Yeshiva.

Order SIM Card

We have arranged a great phone deal for our students. Check it out.

Dental Insurance

Apply for optional dental insurance.


Questions about next year?

We're here to help you with getting ready for the year.

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