Registration 22-23

Registration must be completed before arrival.

The first step to a successful year at Lev Aharon is completing registration.


Student Form

Students should complete the online student registration form.

Complete Form

Parental Agreement

Parent should sign online agreement.

Sign Form

Submit Tax Returns

If not paying full tuition, submit parents’ 2021 tax returns (1040) (first 2 pages) to (W2 is not acceptable.).


Submit Payment

Contact Abe Elbaz at to make tuition arrangements.

Submit tuition and registration fee to NY office. You may pay by check or credit card. If you choose by check, a credit card number must be provided as reserve.

See below for more information on tuition fees, registration fee, and financial aid.


Tuition Contract

Complete Tuition Contract (request one from Abe Elbaz at

Request Tuition Contract

Important notices


When you arrive in Israel, at the airport you will be handed a blue Visa Entrance Card. Make sure to keep it!

Israeli Parents

A helpful article for those whose parents are Israeli. Read here


Final day to complete registration: July 1, 2022.
Final day to submit $3000 Registration Fee: July 31, 2022.
Final day to submit full tuition payment (post dated checks or credit card): August 15, 2022.

No student will be allowed on campus before Registration is completed, tuition contract signed, and payment is submitted.


Please note that in order for you to attend, registration must be completed. No student may arrive at yeshiva before registration is complete, including submission of tuition payments and registration fee.

Leaving Mid-year

The tuition contract is in effect and must be honored even if your son leaves yeshiva mid-year. Upon withdrawal from yeshiva:
–before Nov 1st— 50% tuition return on your liability.
–before Dec 31st— 25% tuition return on your liability.
–from Dec 31— 0% tuition return on your liability.

These terms apply to any payment schedule.

By enrolling, you are committing to arrive at the beginning of the program and to stay the duration of the program through June (excluding Pesach break). If you have an extenuating circumstance that you are unable to arrive on time or must leave early, you must receive explicit permission from the yeshiva.


All students receiving financial aid are required to fully participate in the Masa program. It is the student’s responsibility to fully apply for, register, participate in and complete the program. If student fails to complete the program, even if he leaves Lev early, the Parents will be responsible to cover the amount of the grant.


Payment Information


A Tuition Contract must be signed before the student arrives at yeshiva. The tuition contract must be honored even if the student leaves yeshiva mid-year. If paying with check, a credit card number must also be provided as backup.

Tuition covers: all daily classes; one-on-one mentoring; housing; three meals a day, including Shabbat meals; as well as our full dedicated rabbinical staff on call day and night.

Financial Aid

Tuition is the actual cost of expenses of the student for the year. Financial aid is offered to those who want their son to benefit from the yeshiva, but who are unable to cover the full expense. The difference must be made up by yeshiva fundraising efforts. The Student/Parent is responsible for the balance of Tuition above any financial aid.

Please note that all students paying less than full tuition are required to fully participate in the Masa program. If student fails to complete the program, even if he leaves Lev early, the Parents will be responsible to cover the amount of the grant.

Registration Fee

The non-refundable Registration Fee covers the expense day and overnight outings throughout Israel, plus the cost of medical insurance, student visa, and registration fee. This fee is in addition to tuition. This is a mandatory fee that is independent of the student’s attendance on the trips. There is no financial aid for the registration fee.


Questions about registration?

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

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