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Preparing for the year

A selection of information to help you prepare for the upcoming year. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Airport Taxi Service

Personal taxi from one of our staff member, Amichai: 011-972-54-702-9575
Nesher Multi-person van service: +972-2-625-7227

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Preparing For the Year

Student Visa

When you arrive at the Israel airport you will be handed a blue card. Make sure to keep it and submit it to the yeshiva office!
Every student in Israel must obtain a Student Visa by law. The Yeshiva will apply for all enrolled students’ visas at the beginning of the school year. This means you don’t have to apply for one before you fly. (We can only apply for students who have completed registration).
Make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after the end of the Program.
For Israeli citizens, a valid Israeli passport is sufficient. If you do not have one, please take care to obtain a valid Israeli passport with your local Israeli consulate as well as whatever paperwork you need for an army deferment.

Israeli Parents

To avoid issues, here is a helpful article. Read article here:


Make sure that your passport does not expire before 6 months after the end of program. Israel requires a passport to be valid for at least six months after date of entry. Please note it takes several weeks for your passport to arrive, so take care to order it in advance.

Cell phone

It is strongly recommended for all students to have a cellphone while in Israel under the Yeshiva’s responsibility. The Yeshiva phone is not available for student use. We recommend Talk N Save. Order at

Health Insurance

All students are required by law and by the yeshiva to be covered by our recommended health insurance plan. This includes even those students who have international coverage from another company. After much research and experience, we believe that the best health insurance for our student body is Harel, a leader in providing insurance for overseas students.
Coverage by the yeshiva’s medical/hospitalization plan is mandatory and for the duration of the entire program only. The cost is NOT included in the registration fee. All parents must sign up for insurance with the link provided. You should expect up to 7 days processing time.
Without proof of health insurance no student will be allowed in the program or allowed on campus.
Quality, competent doctors, including Americans, are located nearby. The Yeshiva requires that every student maintain his home country’s medical coverage in the event that a student must return home for further medical treatment.


Students are encouraged to consult with their local physicians regarding any necessary vaccinations required for a year’s stay in Israel (hepatitis, etc.)

Packing List

What should I pack?

This list below has been prepared to help you with your packing. There is limited closet space in the dormitory, so we recommend not bringing everything you own. To avoid having to bring heavy bedding, we recommend Blanket Express. They offer quality linen products for students and deliver directly to the Yeshiva. Click for more information.

Can I order linens and more to my dorm?

Absolutely. To avoid having to bring heavy bedding, we recommend Blanket Express. They offer quality linen products for students and deliver directly to the Yeshiva. Click for more information

Dress code

The Yeshiva dress code requires students to wear to class shirts with collars, long pants (no jeans or sweatpants), and shoes with socks.


We suggest bringing simple, easy to look after clothing.
 Pants ; Shirts
 Undergarments; Pajamas
 Sweaters/sweatshirts
 Shabbat clothes
 Winter coat
 Light coat
 Shoes and Boots (for rain/snow)

For Trips

 Hiking pants and shirts (clothes you don’t mind getting ruined)
 Hat/baseball cap
 Sneakers
 Water shoes/Crocs
 Bathing suit
 Canteen
 Sleeping bag
 Disposable camera
 Hiking shoes
 Sun block; Insect repellant
 Goggles

Bedding and Towels

 3 large bath towels; 3 hand towels
 2 sets of linen
 1 warm winter blanket
 1 light summer cover
 Pillow
 Laundry bag


Many familiar brands of toiletry items and laundry detergents are available in Israel, but generally slightly more expensive.
 Bring contact lens solution for a year; it is expensive in Israel
 Glasses/contacts

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