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Developing the next generation

Whether you are considering Yeshivat Lev Aharon as a prospective student or parent, or simply browsing the web, I think you’ll discover what makes Lev Aharon an amazing place to learn and grow. Lev Aharon continues its mission of developing young men into mature adults ready to integrate Torah life with the modern world.

During ben hazemanim (which is both Pesah and summer vacation) Rabbi Yishai Rabi, Rabbi Avraham Malka, Rabbi Nissim Salem, Rabbi Sinai Yaghobian fly in from Israel to spend weeks at a time with these boys to foster their growth in America. Every boy is paired with a rabbi under Rabbi Yishai Rabi's guidance, in conjunction with the Lev Staff. During this time the boys learn, eat and sometimes go on outings with the rabbis. Approximately 50 boys from Brooklyn & Deal are part of this program.

Yeshivat Lev Aharon holds some monumental events over the Pesach and Summer breaks and we have heartfelt gratitude to Hashem and sincere appreciation for all those who made them so successful.

Our greatest pride is the jam-packed daily learning program in Brooklyn. The innovative brainchild of Rabbi Yishai Rabi, this program allows our boys to continue their growth and keep connected to their Rabbi’s even through the Pesach (and summer) break. Each year, with great mesirut nefesh, Lev Aharon Rabbis leave their families in Israel and travel to America for the sole purpose of bringing Torah and chizuk to our students.

Shacharit and morning seder are held in the annex of Shaare Zion, while night seder took place in the Avenue O synagogue. There are daily shiurim as well as exciting activities and great get-togethers, and the boys enjoy the opportunity to spend extra time learning and chilling with the Rabbi’s. They visited Dave and Busters, Great Adventures and, of course, Izzy’s Smoke House, and had a wonderful time being together!