Yeshiva News

Tomchei Shabbat

November 14, 2019

Rabbi Ezra Dayan knows many families throughout Israel that are struggling financially. A little light can shine away a lot of darkness, so he decided to make a weekly collection for their Shabbat needs. Last year, every Thursday, he and Rabbi Zechariah Gohari from our Kolel, would encourage the boys to donate a little money for Tomchei Shabbat. This small collection amounted into a significant sum that was graciously accepted by these people. This year, Jack Zafrani of our shana-bet program, reminded them to  once again take  up the cause and helped them with this great tzedaka project. There are now payment options (Paypal etc.) which make it easier for everyone to contribute. We hope they will continue bringing smiles and sustenance to our desperate brothers in need.