Yeshiva News

Siyum Spirit

March 3, 2020

It seems like this period of the year is ripe for Siyumim. While the world made excited final arrangements for the monumental Siyum Hashas, our boys were working overtime to finish their own Masechtot.

Gripped by a surge of inspiration, two roommates, Ikey Dror and Moey Zeituneh decided to review Masechet Taanit that they had learned the previous year with Rabbi David Nakash. With insatiable thirst, the two decided that no matter what it would take, they were going to finish the entire Masechet in ONE DAY! For thirteen hours straight they sat over their Gemarot, learning up a storm. Their Siyum was a culmination of hard effort and Chazarah. We are proud of their phenomenal achievement and may they continue to bring us pride and begin and review many more Masechtot throughout their lives. Mazal Tov!

With the spirit of Siyumim pervading the air, two other boys, (not roommates, but lookalikes!) Vico Mizrahi and Aron Sarig, decided that they too wanted to review Masechet Taanit. They spent many long hours together pouring over their Gemarot and together with the entire Yeshiva and staff, we celebrated their Siyum with excitement. May they continue to bring us pride and learn and finish many more Masechtot throughout their lives! Mazal Tov!