Yeshiva News

March Eilat trip/ Purim

March 19, 2023


‎ Just after 9pm on motzei Shabbat, the bus pulled out of the ‎yeshiva, heading for a two-day trip to Eilat! After a 3 ½ hour fun-‎filled drive, we arrived at the stunning Orchid Hotel Eilat.

Before ‎receiving keys to the rooms, we enjoyed a pizza Melaveh Malka in ‎the beautiful hotel lobby. After settling in, everyone headed to the ‎hotel’s heated pool for a pool-side party until 2am.

On Sunday ‎morning we prayed Shacharit at 9am with a backdrop of the ‎enchanting Red Sea. The boys ate a delicious breakfast buffet of ‎unlimited food. We left around 11am for amazing scuba diving in ‎the Red Sea to see the wonders of Hashem!‎

At 4:30 we headed back to the hotel to change our clothes, after ‎which we chilled on the boardwalk and walked around the ‎shopping mall.

At 6:30 we moved on to the Batzek beach for a BBQ ‎until 9pm. The boys spent the rest of the night chilling on the ‎grounds of the hotel.‎

On Monday morning we prayed Shacharit at 8:30 and ate another ‎incredible breakfast. We checked out of the hotel and headed to a ‎party boat for a two-hour Lev style party. The boys enjoyed music, ‎dancing, food, and jumping in the Red Sea. The remainder of the ‎day was spent with water sports and paragliding over the Red Sea. ‎The trip closed with Arvit at 7pm after which we traveled back to ‎the yeshiva for a tasty dinner.‎