Yeshiva News

Hilula of the Baba Sali

February 6, 2020

The hilula that Yeshiva holds on the yahrtzeit of the Baba Sali is not just a way to commemorate this Torah giant of the past. In truth, it is an opportunity to enhance our present and enrich our future. The seforim tell us that on the day of a tzaddik’s passing, there is a spiritual light throughout the world accessible to those who seek it. Every year, we bask in the glory of the Baba Sali’s light utilizing the power of this day to grow closer to Hashem. With stories, tefillot, berachot and myriads of "Amens", the boys are infused with a spiritual boost. Zechuto yagen aleinu v'al kol Yisroel.

Dedicated by Ralph Cohen
לע"נ אברהם בן אסתר