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February Fun

March 1, 2023


‎ At kick-off, the boyswere already engrossed in their learning, oblivious of the estimated 113 ‎million viewers thatwere tuned in for Super Bowl LVII on Sunday, Feb. 12, 2023. Seven ‎simultaneous classesgave the boys the option of not watching the game (See pics). Ezra, a ‎visiting alumnus,joined the learning and said that it was very inspiring seeing how many boys ‎decided to learn allnight instead of watching the game. The night’s menu was very ‎competitive with thefood served during the actual Super Bowl at the State Farm Stadium in ‎Arizona. Rabbi Shoub& Company dished out hot chicken wings, delicious beef burgers and ‎hot dogs, spicychicken poppers, and smoked brisket, among other items.‎

We take this opportunity to thank this year’s sponsors for the learning and the food: DANNY ‎ERANI, JACK BEYDA,MORRIS MANN, and MORRIS SHAMULA.‎

This year, we held our firstparallel super learning event at Lev America in ‎Brooklyn, NY. There ‎were four classesgiven by Rabbi Yaakov Mizrahi, Rabbi Moshe Jamal, Rabbi Charles ‎Chehabar, Reb DannyKishik. A very special thanks to Bernie Setton for sponsoring the rabbis ‎and the siyum dinner.Isaac Cohen donated the pizza during the learning. The names of those ‎attending were enteredinto a raffle to win $500! The raffle prize was split between Bernie ‎Pindek and DavidTawil.‎

The remainder of Monday was a fast day for the culmination of Shovavim and was closed ‎with Tikun Shovavimled by Rabbi Pinhkas.

After Arvit and a light snack to break the fast, ‎everyone proceeded to the Aroya Hall not far from the yeshiva for a Grand Siyum dinner. ‎The boys completing Masechet Tamid stood in a row with their gemarot as they proudly ‎recited the Hadran together.

In the middle of the event, everyonewas honored with the ‎arrival of Maran HaravMoshe Tzadka, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivat Porat Yosef who spoke of the ‎dangers of having a smartphone.

The Kaddish was recited followed bya roar of singing and dancing, Lev style. It was truly a ‎beautiful evening, butthe clincher was when the Rosh Yeshiva headed to the hall’s office to ‎pay for the evening.Although the manager sported an earring in each ear, his demeaner was ‎that of someone who was once in yeshiva. He said that he was very overwhelmed with the ‎show of love of the rabbis for the boys throughout the evening and said that if he would ‎have experienced such caring when he was in yeshiva, maybe he wouldn’t look and be the ‎way he is today. We thank David Mizrahi for sponsoring part of the siyum event.


Fifty-two boys participated in the six-week incentive lead by Rabbi Potash and were ‎presented with an overnight in a villa in the northern city of Hadera. Before arriving at the ‎villa, the boys headed over to Fauda Base. Fauda Base is a unique space that provides a sneak ‎peek into the exhilarating and mysterious world of the Israeli Defense Force’s Special ‎Undercover Forces, andmakes that world accessible to the public, unlike anywhere else in ‎the world. It was established by former soldiers of those very units, members of the IDF’s ‎Special Forces and Intelligence units who translated their experience, expertise, and skills ‎into a full and fun breakthrough activity. Activities on Fauda Base challenge their participants ‎physically,intellectually, emotionally, and – no less importantly – provide muchexcitement ‎and enjoyment. We would like tothank Ronnie Dushey for funding this activity.‎


And then on to the accommodations.The villa boasted twenty bedrooms, a heated pool and ‎jacuzzi, and a large party room in the basement. The boys enjoyed a spectacular BBQ and ‎music to the wee hours of the morning. After Shacharit and a late breakfast, they went go ‎karting before returning to the yeshiva.‎‎‎‎

A Look into the Past

The heart of the SuperLearning Seder held every year Super Bowl night (the game began ‎‎1:30am Israel time) isthose learning the eight daf of Masechet Tamid. Masechet Tamid ‎encompasses the dailyTamid offerings in the Beit HaMikdash and other daily activities ‎performed by theKohanim and Leviim. What could better accompany learning about the ‎daily goings in theBeit HaMikdash than watching it almost live!‎

For the first time in Israel, youcan take a tour of the Second Beit HaMikdash using advanced ‎virtual-realitytechnology. During the visit, you put on a special set of goggles that allowsyou ‎a 360-degree perspective, taking youback thousands of years in time to see the beauty of ‎the Beit HaMikdash.The specially designed seats allow you to get a real sense of what the ‎Temple was like in allits glory.‎