Yeshiva News

Chazak U'baruch Moshe Bendahan and Rabbi Sungolowsky

December 27, 2018

Our greatest pride and joy is the opportunity to celebrate our students' achievements and acknowledge the strides they have taken. Right before Chanukah, Moshe Bendahan, presently in his third year in Lev Aharon, made a siyum on the entire Mesechet Makkot, which he finished over half a year with his Rebbe, Rabbi Baruch Sunglowsky.

The Yeshiva made a festive meal in honor of this great milestone and Moshe spoke beautifully about the upcoming holiday of Chanukah. Rabbi Laniado also asked that two special visitors from America address the boys: Mr. Morris Sutton and Mr. Shmuel Kairy. They gave words of chizuk to the boys who listened with rapt attention.