Yeshiva News

Beginning of 2019-2020 Year

September 15, 2019

While the summer events were Baruch Hashem a great opportunity to bring the community together and enjoy some of the Lev Aharon spirit, ultimately, our greatest pride and joy is having our boys come to learn in the Yeshiva. Once again, we stand at the threshold of another year, another journey, where so many young men have been blessed with the zechut to come to learn in Israel. Baruch Hashem we are anticipating over 100 boys. We are eager to begin and can’t wait to greet them. We hope and pray that they will take advantage of the tremendous opportunities that Lev Aharon offers. May each and every one of our new students, and those returning for Shana Bet, be touched by the warmth of the Rabbis and inspired by their passion for Torah and serving Hashem. May it be a wonderful year of growth and maturing and may we all merit reaping nachat from them all. Amen.