Yeshiva News

A Time To Dance

June 8, 2021

With Hashem’s infinite mercy, the Corona pandemic is thankfully behind us. Yet, it has left much chaos in its wake. For a long time, Israel closed its skies, bringing to a halt all incoming flights. Besides the tourism industry, which was severely decimated, family members were not allowed to visit and even today, it is a hassle to arrange a trip. One young boy, the son of our beloved Rabbi Tawil, was hoping to celebrate his Bar Mitzva in America with his grandparents and extended family. Just as the skies reopened, his chances of exiting the country were marred with the onset of Operation Guardian of the Walls, Israel's most recent battle with Hamas. Due to constant missile attacks and security concerns his flight was cancelled at the last minute. Hearing the devastating news, Rabbi Laniado offered to host a gala Bar Mitzva event in the Yeshiva. With only a 24-hour notice, and with the help of many of our boys, the yeshiva arranged a beautiful affair with all the trimmings: a band, flowers, and a photographer as well! While our staff and students certainly could not replace loving family, the Lev Aharon spirit generated some well-deserved simcha. The event was magical, and our boys pumped up the evening with true delight and celebration. Lev’s simcha came through again!