Yeshiva News

A Match!

January 29, 2020

Am Yisroel is known as a nation of Gomlei Chassadim, a benevolent and kind people. Chessed is not merely what we do, it is who we are. Yet, although we are constantly giving and compassionate, not always are we privy to the direct outcome of the acts of kindness that we have done. A small act can go a long way, but we are not usually there at the end of the lineto see how our actions have blossomed.
Last year, Rabbi Laniado invited the Gift of Lifeorganization to hold a blood drive in Yeshiva. They do tremendous chessed for sick individuals by finding matching kidney and blood marrow donors for the desperately ill. By taking a small blood sample, sometimes even just a Q-tip swab in the mouth, a person is automatically identified and registered on their list. In cases of potential matches, the organization then contacts the participants and informs them that they have the possibility of saving a life. Rarely do we hear of the positive results. Yet, Baruch Hashem, Gift of Life just contacted us with good news. One of the participants from our drive was proven as a match and is presently a candidate to save a Jewish life by donating blood marrow! One who saves a Jewish soul is like saving an entire world! Baruch Hashem, Lev Aharon had a hand in hatzalat nefashot, hatzalat haolam!