Yeshiva News

A Fresh Start

May 13, 2021

As we count down the days to Chag Ha’Shavuot, we are counting our blessings, with deep gratitude to Hashem yitbarach for helping the yeshiva return to its full capacity. Sixty-four boys came back this zman, rekindling the Lev Aharon spirit.

One of the first things they noticed was that the sefarim in the Beit Medrash have been totally reorganized. Rabbi Salem and Rabbi Aharon Laniado spent many hours over the Pesach break going through the shelves and the sefarim, rearranging and categorizing everything. After much effort sorting through it all, there is now an organized, user friendly sefarim library for the benefit of our students and anyone who chooses to learn Torah in our Beit Medrash. Thank you, Rabbi Salem and Rabbi Aharon Laniado, for all your hard work!

The boys excitedly resumed all their shiurim and the Beit Medrash is bubbling with Torah learning. The tragic fire that destroyed our dormitory is all but an unpleasant memory, as, Baruch Hashem, the entire dormitory has been rebuilt and remodeled.

We have added a sprinkler system and central air-conditioning throughout the complex. This was certainly a cost worthy expense, but for the benefit of our boys, it’s worth the price!