Alumni News

Chacham Ezra Dayan Inspires America

December 8, 2019

Chacham Ezra Dayan Shlita hardly ever leaves the Yeshiva and rarely leaves Eretz Yisroel. Two weeks ago, he headed out to America to partake in a family wedding. Yet, although he would not be giving his usual classes in the Yeshiva, he refused to take a vacation. On the contrary, seemingly indefatigable, he refused to rest for even for a minute. Lev Rabbis take any chance of being in America as an opportune time to reconnect with students and alumni. Rabbi Dayan had a packed itinerary of teaching, inspiring and bringing his warmth and chizuk to myriads of students, alumni and community members. He visited Shuls, Yeshivot, Day Schools and homes to bring Torah and inspiration to one and all. The number of places he visited is truly unbelievable! Yeshivat Keter Torah, Yeshivat Shaare Torah, Yeshivat Magen Avraham, Yeshivat Mekor Chaim, Yeshivat Ohel Torah Lakewood, Rabbi Diamonds Kollel, Maor Yeshivah High school, Shaare Zion, Mishkan Torah,  Ave J Torah Center, Har Halebanon, Albert Missry A”H Mishmar Mission, Public School Bet Midrash Program, and Corporate Bet Midrash Program. May Rabbi Dayan merit continued strength and Siyatta D’Shamaya to continue reaching out to others and inspiring them bringing true Kiddush Hashem to the world.