Yeshiva News

Uniform of Pride

November 14, 2019

Every year Rabbi Sinai Yaghobian hosts his famous tzizit workshop where each boy is taught to actually make himself a pair of tzizit. Besides teaching them the detailed, step by step instructions, he also infuses them with the hashkafot and  mystical meanings of this holy mitzva. For hours, the boys sit over these sacred garments as they wrap string after string until they can finally adorn themselves with their very own tzitzit. The climax of this event is when each boy holds his cherished handiwork, recites the bracha of “Shehechiyanu” and “al mitzvat tzizit” and,  finally, dons them with pride. The singing and dancing only express a miniscule amount of their joy in reaching this monumental moment. What greater way to begin a year of avodat Hashem then to enwrap ourselves in the hallowed regalia of his honored soldiers. May we always wear them with pride!