Tu B'Shvat Celebration

January 29, 2020

Rabbi Joey Haber visited Lev Aharon a few years ago, right around the holiday of Tu B’Shvat. He addressed the boys and put the chag, as well as the privilege to spend a year in Israel, into perspective. “The halacha states that when a person has a large assortment of fruits in front of him, he should first choose one of the “shiva minim”, the seven species of fruit specifically found in Ertz Yisroel, and make the first blessing on them. If he has a few of these special fruits, which one should he recite the beracha on? The halacha statesthat the fruit listed in the the Passuk “Eretz chita u’sorah gefen …” written closest to the word “ERETZ” takes precedence and that is the one that merits the first blessing. There is something fascinating we learn from here, pointed out Rabbi Haber. The fruits that are closer to “Eretz” retain a certain Kedusha that makes them worthy of the first beracha. When it comes to boys in Yeshiva, there seems to be a very similar correlation. Those who are closer to “Eretz”, to the land of Ertez Yisroel, retain a certain sanctity, a deep-seated inspiration, keeping them clinging tightly  to Avodat Hashem. He pointed out that many students gain so much just by being in the holy confines of Eretz Yisroel. The very air that permeates here is filled with Kedusha. The Land is saturated with holiness. Indeed, the Commentators point out that the words “v’sabeinu mituvecha”-satiate us from YOUR GOODNESS, Hashem, indicate that there is a tangible portion of GODLINESS within the very fruits of Israel. By eating them, we are not merely consuming food, we are actually ingesting Kedushat Hashem into our physical existence. Indeed, Eretz Yisroel, especially during this elevated part of the year, is surely the prime place, and time, to accumulate as much spirituality as possible.

We strive to cash in on the tremendous blessings ofTu B’Shvat by utilizing the opportunity for prayer and uplifting inspiration. Chacham Ezra Dayan leads the boys in a festive Tu B’Shavat “Tish”, explaining the deep concepts that encapsulate the holiday as well as profound glimpses into the pervading special Holiness in theair. He goes through each fruit and the meaning behind it and its beracha, and each boy is honored with reciting the berachot and answering “Amen” again and again. He then leads the boys in special Tefillot and a sense of awe can be felt in the Beit Medrash as the Yeshiva and staff stand engrossed in prayer.

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