Yeshiva News

Trip to Cyprus!

June 23, 2019

Rabbi Eli Shoub shlita is both a phenomenal Rabbi and a king dahak! He inspires even the most apathetic students to learn and grow. He is famed  for his ability to pump up the boys,and the “matzav”,adding spirit, pomp and good times!  On spur-of-the-moment , Rabbi Shoub's boys might be found on outings, enjoying barbecues or just chilling with their Rebbi. From early in the morning until late at night, he might show up in the dorms and pamper them with anything from ice coffee’s to ice cream!

To end off the year, he offers his annual Massive Shoub Incentive. To be eligible, you must first do a full week of intense learning and praying. This includes every tefilla, every seder and every shiur with no excuses. The reward, besides the spiritual achievement, is a major trip to Cyprus for two jam-packed days of thrills and fun. Boating, ATV’s and sleeping in an awesome villa with a pool are just some of the excitement. Plus, the boys get to spend time  with the Rabbi’s too. Once again, so many students succeeded in pulling through and the trip was enjoyed by all.