Yeshiva News

The Zman Begins

November 14, 2019

Our hearts are brimming with gratitude to Hashem for bringing us to yet another year, another beginning. The zman has taken off and excitement is in the air. With more than seventy boys joining our first- year program and over thirty returning for shana- bet, our campus and our hearts are full! Each and every boy that arrives in Israel  glows with a certain radiance that reflects a hidden desire to learn and grow. It is our hope that the spirit of Lev Aharon will uncover that secret spark and allow the boys to shine. We pray that Hashem grant us the continued privilege to inspire them and ignite the flame of Torah deep within them. May they grow to be proud and passionate members of the Jewish nation. Amen!

As always, we began the year with our regular learning and shiurim as well as with a late -night outing to the Nes Harim waterpark. Swimming, waterslides and a scrumptious barbeque made it an exciting outing and a perfect opportunity for the Rabbi’s and students to bond. We finished a spectacular week of learning and then headed to the beautiful community of Kfar Nofesh for our first Shabbaton. Stunning villas with pools and Jacuzzi’s awaited, and before the boys could even relax we headed out for a late night ocean ride on two massive tornado-speedboats. The boys reveled in the thrill and danced away the evening. Upon their return, they got a good night’s sleep before heading out to the beach for a little more chill time before Shabbat. The  Rabbis and their families joined us and their divrei Torah inspired us all. It was truly a Shabbat to remember.