Yeshiva News

The Big Winners!!

February 10, 2020

While millions around the world sat glued to their TVs watching the Superbowl, Lev Aharon boys decided to forgo the entertainment and enjoy another exciting venture. Our annual late night learning, the Triumph of Torah, took place where more then fifty boys sat glued to their Gemarot, soaking in every single line of Mesechet Tamid. What began a few years ago, by our alumni Jacob Beyday (Jabba) with a small group of thirteen boys, has morphed into a tremendous Kiddush Hashem of all night limud haTorah. This year there were even more Rabbis giving shiurim as the demand was so great. Unlimited poppers, snacks and drinks kept them satiated throughout the night and Baruch Hashem,they completed the entire Mesechet by morning. After praying Netz, they slept fora few hours, then, under the leadership of Chacham Ezra Dayan, and with the heartfelt Tefillot of Rabbi Binyamin Pinhas, we had a Shovavim Tikkun. The sense of purity and kedusah engulfed the boys as they realized how much they had accomplished in the span of twenty four hours. A massive siyum took place in the Ruben Restaurant, where the boys celebrated their milestone siyum with music(by Udi!), dancing and a delicious meal. The highlight was watching our boys clutching their Gemarot with pride. Ain simcha kaTorah, there is no happiness, no greater time to feel accomplished and special! Boys, you have done something tremendous for yourselves, and you are our pride.