Yeshiva News

Summer Learning Programs

September 12, 2019

Over the extended summer break, there were two (actually, three!) phenomenal learning programs that took place at opposite ends of the world. In America, our annual Lev Aharon Summer Learning Initiative, sponsored by the Kesher Israel Program and with the generous help of Jack and Alan Cabasso, was held in Brooklyn, led by Rabbi Yishai Rabi (and Rabbi Nissim Salem) as well as in  Deal (led by Rabbi Ikey Sutton... Rabbi Malka went back and forth between the two), and across the sea, in Israel, the  famed “Camp Abensour” founded, hosted and run by our very own Rabbi Abensour. The tremendous mesirut nefesh of the Rabbis cannot go without mention. They left their homes and families to be with our boys and invigorate their summer with Torah learning. There was a jam packed schedule of great learning, shiurim and exciting trips. Dave N' Busters, Top Golf, fishing, baseball games and a grand finale two-day trip to Delaware (not to mention the great barbecues). A special mazal tov to our boys who finished Mesechtot and made beautiful siyumim: Steve Sutton, David Tawil, Teddy Mishani and Jack Zafrani! May they continue to learn with diligence and ahavat haTorah.
In Israel,  Rabbi Abensour and his family literally brought the boys into their lives for a few weeks, renting them an apartment, serving them meals and entertaining them with exciting tiyulim, all while immersed in the spirit of Torah. We are so grateful and appreciative to all of the Rabbis for making this summer so inspirational and we wish them bracha and hatzlacha in all they do.