Yeshiva News

Shovavim Finale

March 3, 2020

Once again, Chacham Ezra Dayan led a deeply moving and inspirational day of Teshuva and Tefilla to conclude the auspicious days of Shovavim. This time period is described in Sefarim as a prime opportunity to rectify our sins and purify ourselves. All over the world, great tzaddikim utilize these days to inspire repentance. Yeshiva held a special ceremony with passionate Kabbalistic Tefillot by Rabbi Pinchas and designated selichot were recited as well. The aura was both stirring and uplifting, and the boys were inspired to continue on their journey of growing closer to Hashem.

A special thank you to Steve Setton and Salo Shwekey who sponsored the event. May their Tefillot be accepted and may they be blessed with all their needs in Ruchaniyut and gashmiyut.