Yeshiva News

Room #5 Siyum

January 3, 2020

Room #5 is almost legendary in Lev Aharon. Four boys, Jack Betesh, Aaron (Lenny) Laniado, David Stern and David Tawil have roomed together since they began their year in our Shana bet program. Besides their amicable friendship, they share something else in common: the desire to grow in Torah and accomplish. Together, they decided to embark on a special journey of learning Torah in order to make a siyum; all, before Lenny headed back to America. They arranged special sedarim with Rabbi Soosi and Rabbi Sinai so that they could reach their goal of finishing Mesechet Tamid. (At the same time, Jack Betesh also finished Mesechet makkot, which he has been working on for over a year a, while Lenny and David finished their Sefer Kriah with Rabbi Pinchas.) Deeply committed to attaining their finish line, they all put in the effort and over Chanukah, we held a beautiful siyum to mark this beautiful occasion. The four of them, together, stood in front of the entire Yeshiva and staff excitedly concluding the last words of the Meshechte. With dancing, singing and a hearty meal, the yeshiva shared in their simcha and we hope that each and every participant in the event was inspired to to achieve and accomplish to the max. Mazal Tov boys; you deserve it!