Yeshiva News

Rabbi Yedid Visits

February 20, 2019

Once again, Yeshiva was honored to host Rabbi Meir Yedid shlita,  Rosh Yeshiva of Y.D.E. It was heartwarming to hear the Rabbi’s deep affinity for Lev Aharon and how it is always his  favorite “first stop” when he comes to Israel. He gave an inspirational lecture about the true source of happiness in the world and in his powerful and passionate manner, really touched the boys hearts. Besides his moving speech and motivational message, Rabbi Yedid  spent time with the boys (with his students and with  all the Lev boys)and his amicable warmth and affection brought so much chizuk. We thank him for coming and inspiring us and may he have continued success in building future generations of bnei Torah.