Yeshiva News

Rabbi Chaim Mintz Shlita Visits

March 24, 2019

The Yeshiva was honored to host Hagaon Harav Chaim Mintz shlita, founder and spiritual leader of the world famous Oorah kiruv organization. Rabbi Mintz has reached thousands of people and inspired them to embrace their heritage and reconnect with their faith. Through lectures, seminars and his famous Boys Zone and Girls Zone camps, Rabbi Mintz has been the impetus for a major teshuva revolution in America. Throughout the years there have been quite a number of boys in Lev Aharon who have benefitted from Oorah’s many services. Presently, there are a group of students who spend their Motzai Shabbatot learning in an Oorah chavrutah program. Some have also attended the summer camps and Shabbatons in America. They were excited when they heard that the legendary Rabbi Mintz would be visiting and addressing the Yeshiva. We were honored to have him and wish him much hatzlacha in all his Holy work for the Jewish people.