Yeshiva News

Pesach Recap

June 2, 2019

Yeshivat Lev Aharon held some monumental events over the Pesach break and with heartfelt gratitude to Hashem and sincere appreciation for all those who made them so successful. We would like to recount the highlights:

Our greatest pride was the jam-packed daily learning program in Brooklyn. The innovative brainchild of Rabbi Laniado and Rabbi Yishai Rabi, this program allows our boys to continue their growth and keep connected to their Rabbi’s even through the Pesach (and summer) break. Each year, with great mesirut nefesh, Lev Aharon Rabbi’s leave their families in Israel and travel to America for the sole purpose of bringing Torah and chizuk to our students. Rabbi Yishai Rabi, Rabbi Nissim Salem, Rabbi Ikey Sutton, Rabbi Sinai Yaghobian, Rabbi Yossi Amar, Rabbi Yaakov Mizrahi, Rabbi Nosson Adler, Rabbi Tzion Yadgarov, Rabbi Hillel Sultan and, this year, our beloved Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Laniado, all headed to the States to create the “Lev Aharon Embassy”! Shacharit and morning seder were held in the annex of Shaare Zion, while night seder took place in the Avenue O synagogue. There were daily shiurim as well as exciting activities and great get-togethers, and the boys enjoyed the opportunity to spend extra time learning and chilling with the Rabbi’s. They visited Dave and Busters, Great Adventures and, of course, Izzy’s Smoke House, and had a wonderful time being together!

It must be noted that the entire program was facilitated by the generosity of the Kesher Organization that has help sponsor this tremendous learning event over the past few years. We are indebted to Rabbi Joey Haber and the Hoffman brothers who have taken the initiative and made it all possible.

It was a special treat to have our revered Rabbi Ezra Dayan with us. While in the States, besides being a vital part of the program, he also visited Shuls throughout the east coast, bringing his warmth, inspiration and chizuk throughout the community.

We had a beautiful “Night of Chizuk” in the Ave J Torah center. It was wonderful to reconnect with alumni as well as to have so many of our students and friends together under one roof. Rabbi Laniado, Mr. Ricky Sutton and alumnus Mr. Moshe Mevorach addressed the crowd.  Entertaining music and scrumptious food enhanced the evening as well. Thank you everyone for making the effort to join us!

A special Mazal Tov to Isaac Cohen, Charles Bailey and David Tawil who each finished mesechtot and hosted beautiful siyumim while in America! May they continue bringing us pride and nachat!

With great Siyata D’Shmaya, our annual fundraising campaign was a major success and we reached our goal of raising $1.5 million dollars for the yeshiva. There were countless individuals who devoted their time and energy for the campaign and we are grateful to all of them. A special hakarat hatov to Mr. Eddie Betesh and Mr. Raymond Kishk for their invaluable guidance. Our students and alumni spent hours and hours making phone calls and we could not have succeeded without them. Also, thank you to Mr. Alan Cabasso for sponsoring our “appreciation dinner” at Essen for all the alumni who volunteered to make phone calls.