Yeshiva News

Nissim Black Visits

January 15, 2019

What are the chances that the Rabbi’s would allow a rapper into the Yeshiva? What are the chances that they would ask him to speak words of Torah and inspiration (And even sit through the speech and listen!)? Well, that is exactly what happened this past Monday night. The Yeshiva invited Nissim Black, an African American rapper who is a beloved Ger Tzedek, to address the boys. Reb Nissim, as he is now known, a soft spoken, passionate eved Hashem and Bresslover chassid, spoke  about his life and struggles and how he left fame, fortune and glamour to embrace becoming Jew and a Ben Torah. He shared his story, of growing up in a family of drug dealers (he himself began dealing at the young age of 9). Yet, even while entrenched deep within the world of crime and tumah, he felt the loving hand of Hashem guiding him and beckoning him closer. Something pulled him, like a magnetic force, to reach higher and search for truth and meaning. He experimented with many religions but recognised their fallacy and flaws. Ultimately, Hashem guided him to Judaism and, since then, he has never turned back. His words were filled with deep Emunah and inspiration and we thank him for coming to give chizuk to the boys.