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Massive Morning Motivation!

February 14, 2019
Jan 10, 2019

Rabbi Sion Yadgarov is one of the  avreichim learning in our Kollel. Being extremely devoted to the boys and their growth, on his own initiative, he decided to boost the morning seder with some massive chizuk! He created, and arranged, an incentive program for Shacharit and Mincha attendance as well as for the morning shiurim. Here was his amazing offer: For an entire month, the boys must come to all tefillot, full seder and shiurim. Those who did would take an awesome overnight trip up north, going ice skating, indoor skydiving, tour the Dalton winery and enjoy an all you can eat barbecue! The stakes, and the steaks, were high! 17 BOYS DID IT!!! They ended their trip with dinner at “Halo Taiman” in Bnei Brak and, to finish  on a spiritual high, they prayed Arbit at the Kever of Dan the son of Yaakov Avinu. We are so happy that they had a great time and we are ever proud of their phenomenal achievement and delighted with the big chizuk!