Yeshiva News

Letting Go and Letting God!

March 3, 2020

What is a democrats favorite flavor of ice cream?

Peach-mint! The annals of history are being written as the Senate hearing, arbitrating President Trump’s possible impeachment, transpires. The news reports that the senators were instructed to leave their phones out of the Senate floor during the trial so they can focus solely on the judiciary issues. The news also reported that many of the senators are having a difficult time without their phones and are struggling to remain focused! Many have been sighted fidgeting, sleeping, walking around or going back and forth to the coat room (to check their phones.) Even politicians have trouble letting go of their phones.

In Yeshiva this past week, there was an incentive to encourage the boys to devote an entire day to THEMSELVES and to TORAH, by relinquishing their phones for twenty-four hours. We had no idea how many boys would be willing, or able, to commit to such an idea and we were inspired when such a large number of them readily handed in their items. It was a day to remember. They zoned out so they could zone in! As a celebration for the courage and commitment, we took them bowling and besides having a great time, the boys realized that with a little conviction and devotion, they can overcome any challenges. Chazak Ubaruch!