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Incentive trip proves successful

March 22, 2019

No one can deny that it’s hard to wake up early for Shacharit  (and stay awake the whole seder too!) Sometimes, teenagers don't even know that they are capable of such a thing! But, if there is a will then there is a way and  Rabbi Dor- Chai, an avreich learning in our Kolel, decided to show the boys that if they want, they could do it. “Try” he encouraged them “put in the effort and you will feel so good about your achievements.” He created an awesome incentive program for the boys that would offer them a great time paintballing and go-carting, and give them a boost to participate in the great learning and tefillot that take place every day. Coming ten minutes BEFORE the tefillot started and staying throughout the morning and  [Mincha] might seem daunting. But a large group of boys did it and they, and all of us, are so proud! Baruch Hashem! Thank you R’ Dor-Chai and Chazak V’ematz!