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Happy Birthday Rabbi Laniado!!

March 12, 2019

It might have been the most exciting day of the year. A birthday is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Hashem’s gift of life but Rabbi Laniado’s birthday is in a whole different league! There is not one boy in yeshiva who is not awed by the Rabbi’s boundless love and every single one of us has been on the receiving end of his gracious smile, patience, and uplifting chizuk. We all feel indebted to him for everything he does and everything he is, for us, for the Yeshiva and for the entire community. It was this feeling of gratitude that inspired the boys to make the Rabbi’s birthday something special. Streamers, music and a massive cake were all planned in advance. But the biggest surprise, and perhaps the best gift of all, was when the boys unanimously agreed to get up for Shacharit in the Rabbi’s honor. There was a festive atmosphere in the air as the Rabbi realized what was happening and as he entered the dining room the Yeshiva burst into song and dance! A small party for the Rabbi, a great day for Lev Aharon!