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Hannuka in Lev Aharon

January 22, 2023


Just hours before the first Chanukah candle lighting, Rabbi Yaakov Harari ‎paid the yeshiva a visit and spoke in the BM. His powerful words struck a ‎chord with everyone to trust in yourself and your abilities to be a successful ‎in Torah pursuits and lead our generation to greet the Mashiach soon in our ‎days.


Chanukah is a special time to Lehodot uLehallel, to thank and praise Hashem for everything, as we say in the Al Hanissim prayer. On the second day of Chanukah, Michael Gazal, a shana bet student, made a seudat Hodaah, adding flavor to the lunch meal with caramel filled sufganiyot, and other delights. On Chanukah, when he was three years old, he was in a car accident, but miraculously escaped without serious injury.Thank you, Hashem!




One of the highlights of Chanukah inLev is the world-renowned hypnotist, Mikey Benzaken, who entertained everyone onMotzei Shabbat Chanukah. It is known that if you resist, you cannot behypnotized. We should use this as an example in our daily life: We areempowered with the ability to overcome negative influences and addictions if weare willing to resist strongly to them.


    Rabbi Yaakov  Polak lighting the yeshiva’s menorah in the Bet Midrash    


The Rosh Yeshiva,Rabbi Salem, Rabbi Malka and Rabbi Amar joined the boys for Shabbat. Shabbatnight we had chazzanut that was sponsored by the Jerusalem Municipality.



Chanukah in Lev wouldbe incomplete without Rosh Chodesh Hallel. Led by Rabbi Yishai Rabi, the singing and dancing was joined with music from our dedicated organist, Udi, accompanied by shana bet Michael Faks on the electric guitar and Rabbi Friedman at the mic.


On Sunday Rosh Chodesh, Shana Bet Jack Rosow inspired the boys with a siyum on Masechet Taanit. In honor of the siyum, the boys and staff enjoyed an extra special Rosh Chodesh brunch and heard a special Chanukah message for Rabbi Friedman. During his message, he mentioned that in America there are doughnuts and in Israel there are doughnuts—sufganiyot, but there is a major difference. An American doughnut is empty in the middle, while the Jewish sufgania is filled with various delicious fillings. The timely message is that the pursuit of a life full of happiness and enjoyment that is void of Yiddishkeit will ultimately lead to a feeling of emptiness, while life that is surrounded with Yiddishkeit is filled with a sweet life of accomplishment, meaning and purpose.


On Zot Chanukah, the last and holiest day of Chanukah, a very uplifting kumzitz of singing and dancing. It was held in the dining next to the wall of flaming Chanukah menorahs, shedding their holiness until the wee hours of the night. Once again, the quartet of Rabbi Yishai, Udi, Michael Faks and Rabbi Friedman imbued the evening with their music and vocals.


The climax of Chanukah in Lev is the Burning of the Wicks ceremony held just before the last rays of Chanukah’s inspiration close at sunset. Led by Rabbi Ezra Dayan in tallit, the atmosphere was that of Yom Kippur with tefillot and bakashot. The boys were urged to take upon themselves small resolutions to improve their Avodat Hashem, taking it to the next level. The wicks used throughout Chanukah were then taken outside and burned with song and dance.


Just hours after the closing of Chanukah, shana bet Ariel Bouskila made a siyum on Masechet Berachot and arranged a beautiful catered dinner in the honor.





Dancing in the Judean Desert