Yeshiva News

For The Sake Of Torah

June 23, 2019

Aryeh Benguira, is presently our only student from Outremont, Montreal. He is in his second year in the yeshiva and we are proud of his phenomenal growth and achievements. This past Pesach vacation left Aryeh with some spare time on his hands. Unfortunately, Lev Aharon has not (yet!) expanded our Pesach-Summer Learning program to Canada (only England!). Never one to sit idly, Aryeh decided to do some car cleaning and make some money. But part of the plan was to use some of his earnings to support learning Torah. Aryeh created his own Pesach program and, using his masser money, offered a nice monetary incentive, and catered lunch, for those who would sit and learn over the break. Almost a dozen boys came daily and shteiged away their mornings! While Aryeh was working very hard, somedays from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., the fact that he knew he was supporting boys sitting and learning invigorated him and kept him going. He arranged with Rabbi Shmuel Toledano of the Tifferet Yisroel Shul to give a short shiur every morning, followed by a regular first seder and lunch. All the participants were deeply appreciative of the opportunity to sit and learn over their bain Hazmanim and thanked Aryeh for his generosity and making it happen. Aryeh himself was ecstatic that he was able to arrange and support the initiative and have the zchut of sponsoring such special Torah learning. Yeshivat Lev Aharon is unspeakably proud of Aryeh for his devotion to spreading the light of Holy Torah. Chazak V’ematz!