Yeshiva News

Final Siyum

June 23, 2019

Every year we end off the zman on a spiritual and emotional high as the boys conclude their last moments with a siyum to celebrate their accomplishments. While there are many who have finished entire mesechtot, and some even  more than one, in truth, every student is making a "siyum" that marks the culmination of a year of growth. For an entire year, they have devoted themselves to focusing on their spiritual aspirations as well as developing themselves as mature young men. The final siyum is a landmark in their journey of life. Each boy is given the opportunity to say a few words and it is inspiring to hear, in their own words, how much they have grown. May the deep inspiration that we all felt, both the students and Rabbi's, as they expressed their appreciation for a wonderful year gone by, continue to impact them for the rest of their lives.