Yeshiva News

Big Night!

November 19, 2019

It need not be said that Halloween is not a Jewish holiday and the customary frivolous celebrations are far removed from the aspirations we have for our students. Yet, the parties are tempting, enticing and compelling. In order to ensure that our boys would remain in Yeshiva and to encourage them to want to stay,we decided to fight fire with fire! If there is anyone who can entertain, excite and inspire, it's definitely the world famous Rav Gav Friedman (brother of our very own Rabbi Eliav Friedman.) As sought after as he is, with an overbooked schedule, he made time to come down and give the boys the time of their lives. His wit and humor had the boys crying with laughter! With the comic relief came deep inspiration and practical advice to enhance the year and to continue growing and developing in the right path. We thank him for making time for us and for the good times!
Rabbi Maxi Sutton enlightened us that morning with his special Divrei Torah and just seeing a product of our community who has reached such tremendous heights in Torah and Yirat Shamayim left a tremendous impact.