Nothing beyond reach

Did you ever want to attain something big like asking your boss for a high promotion and because you didn’t believe you were capable of it, you didn’t bother pursuing it? How about endlessly trying to figure out a difficult tossafot and giving up, claiming that you’re not smart enough to understand?

Well, don’t think your the only one. In fact, the greatest person in history also struggled with his limitations, namely, non other than Moshe Rabbeinu.

When Hashem commanded Moshe Rabbeinu to be the leader of B’ne Yisrael and to redeem them from slavery, He promised Moshe success through enabling him to perform miracles in front of Paroah. Moshe’s response was “I can’t do it. My speech is heavy and my lips are physically blocked from speaking. It is beyond my capability”.

When Hashem heard this, He had to remind Moshe Rabbeinu who He was. He said “who is the One who gives speech to man or makes him mute? Who is the One who makes one blind or able to see? Is it not Me, Hashem?!”

Sometimes we believe that something is out of reach due to our limitations and therefore, we don’t bother. Sometimes we try and try and result to multiple failures, leaving ourselves frustrated, never to try again. When this happens, we must remind ourselves that it is Hashem who is in charge of our limitations and only He can make us capable of success even if we believe it is beyond us. We must constantly know that if Hashem can perform miracles in Egypt, He can certainly perform miracles in my life.

My father, Mr. Jackie Franco יצ”ו always taught me that when we are frustrated from failure, it’s time to “let go, and let G-d in”. We must let go of what we believe are our limitations and ask Hashem to show us His mighty hand in our personal lives and to perform miracles for us like he did for us in Egypt. It is only through beseeching Hashem that we can be granted the tools for success in Torah, in business, in relationships and in all areas that we thought were unattainable to us.

May Hashem grant us all success and the personal miracles that we need to serve Him in the best of ways.

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