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Menu for the first week

BREAKFAST – served with a fresh salad bar, condiments, assortment of cheeses, breads, cereals and hot beverages.
M. – eggs
T. pancakes
W.fried eggs
T.chefs hot choc muffins
F.taste of Sabbath

LUNCH – served with an extended fresh salad bar, condiments & home dressings & seasonal soup.
M. -Ruti’s fresh famous ravioli served with fettuccine and a choice of sauces
T. our famous homemade pizza!!!
W. creamy Au gratin potato served with yabreh (stuffed grape leaves)
T. felafel w pitas, fries, israeli salad and other salads/ dips
F. overnight potato kugel (had to get the ashki side in ;-))
4 O CLOCK SNACK – cakes/ fruits/ fruit salad
DINNER – served with a fresh tossed seasonal salad
M. shnitzel and rice
T. BBQ night
W. homemade burgers and fries
T. baked chicken

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