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Yeshiva News

Lag B'omer Trip and Inspiration

May 16, 2018

On Erev Lag Baomer, the Yeshiva celebrated a beautiful lighting ceremony commemorating the passing of ืจื‘ื™ ืฉืžืขื•ืŸ ื‘ืจ ื™ื•ื—ืื™, the Sage who revealed many mystical, Kabbalistic secrets of the Torah. The ceremony was followed by our dear Rabbi Sinaiโ€™s inspiring words and a delicious barbeque.

The next morning, the Yeshiva travelled to Meron to join the hundreds of thousands of Jews worldwide visiting the holy kever of ืจื‘ื™ ืฉืžืขื•ืŸ ื‘ืจ ื™ื•ื—ืื™. The praying and dancing at Meron infused the boys with a mighty charge of spiritual energy! They then excitedly travelled to a beautiful campus in Netanya for a special Shabbaton.

On Friday, the boys visited the magnificent, kosher beach in Netanya where they enjoyed swimming, relaxing and volleyball. Shabbat in Netanya was a real ืžืขื™ืŸ ืขื•ืœื ื”ื‘ื,

providing quality bonding time in a tranquil and informal setting. This brought a closer connection between the boys, their Rabbanim and families - ื›ืื™ืฉ ืื—ื“ ื‘ืœื‘ ืื—ื“! Each Seudah was accompanied by Divrei Torah from some of the boys and uplifting singing. Rabbi Lowensteinโ€™s special Friday night Oneg Shabbat included refreshments, a kumzits and an open panel discussion on crucial life topics.